Our Services

Exchange Business has well defined contours in terms of Products and Services: With the exception of some parameters following are commonly used products.

    • Foreign Currency Sale/Purchase:

      Buying and selling of Foreign Currency Notes for individual customers at most competitive rates; with the added facility of deposit FCY cheques in FE-25 accounts of our clients in order to avoid cash note movement.

    • Outward Remittances:

      Provide funds transfer facility through foreign currency Demand Drafts and Telegraphic Transfers for purposes defined herein below:

      • For Corporate Customers *
        • Royalties and Trade Marks
        • Technical Fees
        • Repair and Maintenance
        • Insurance premium
        • Business Travel
        • Consultancy fee
        • Payment against Intellectual Property Rights
        • Software fee
        • Sponsored foreign orientation fee* NOC from designated Authorized Dealers to be provided
      • For Individual Customers
        • Education Fee – Admission, Tuition or Visa fee
        • Religious and Leisure (Holidays) Travel
        • Medical
        • Family Maintenance
        • Immigration
        • Insurance premium
    • Foreign Exchange to Commercial Banks:

      Provide foreign exchange to all commercial banks to fulfill credit card obligations of their franchisers.

    • Home Remittances:

      Pay-out facility for Home Remittances.

    • FCY Export:

      Export of permissible currencies and repatriation in FC A/C.

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